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Child Support

Unlike visitation and custody issues, the determination of child support is fairly straightforward. Child support is based on the needs of the child and the ability of the parents to provide support. The guidelines for the amount of child support are set forth by statute. The guidelines establish the amount of child support based on the adjusted monthly gross income of both parents and the number of children. The amount of child support due from each parent is then calculated on a percentage of each parent’s income to the gross income. The court, however, may deviate from the guidelines if applying the guidelines is not in the best interest of the child or the determination would be inequitable to the parties. Issues arise when a parent is in arrearages/child support is past due, a parent is unemployed or underemployed, or there is a need to modify child support. Whether you are seeking to establish child support, collect past due child support, or modify child support, the Colvin Law Firm can assist you in your child support matter.

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